What is Yellow Cab Tavern?

Yellow Cab Tavern is an emerging community art space in Dayton, Ohio. Formerly home to a taxi business for more than 40 years, we now host a variety of events - art shows, live music, classes, and much more. We envision a Dayton that attracts and retains creative people and fosters creative expression.

The History:

Yellow Cab started with the Dayton Circus. The Circus is a group of local artists who banded together to form a centralized community. They are a group in which people of all different personalities and backgrounds come together to interact, collaborate and create. For the past three years they have called the Yellow Cab building their home and have thrown many successful events. These events include the Sideshow, food truck rallies, art shows, concerts, and much more.


Since then, Yellow Cab has expanded. Now there are several groups that call this building their home. In addition, we also collaborate with several groups including Garden Station and local food co-ops. We are a truly unique space in Downtown Dayton!

If you would like to book an event, please contact us:
By email: yellowcabtavern@gmail.com
By phone: 937-424-3870

For more information about The Dayton Circus, please visit daytoncircus.org.